Everything you need to know about Sildenafil

Hands down one of the most powerful erectile dysfunction solutions on the face of the earth, you may not have heard about sildenafil previously – at least not under this name!

But the chances are you know exactly what sildenafil is, what it does, and maybe even how it goes about curing erectile dysfunction once you find out that sildenafil is simply a generic Viagra option!

Literally the exact same formulation as Pfizer’s breakaway prescription drug Viagra, sildenafil is an incredibly potent and very reliable solution for you to get rid of erectile dysfunction forever in just the same way that regular Viagra is. Just because it is a generic Viagra (in name alone) doesn’t mean that it’s any less effective! Sildenafil is also much cheaper than brand Viagra.

But there is a catch – at least, there is if you are an American – because sildenafil cannot legally be sold in the US due to Pfizer patents.  So it is illegal in the US, but not elsewhere.  Patent law works differently in different countries.  In the UK and the rest of the EU, Pfizer patents expired in 2013 so there are legally approved generic Viagra versions on the market in those countries sold by licensed pharmacies.  These can cost up to 10 times less than the Pfizer version!

So men in the UK and the EU can just boot up their laptops and tablets and buy generic Viagra online from a licensed pharmacy – something not available to men in the US for several yeas to come. Just be sure you are dealing with a licensed pharmacy as any other site might be selling you a fake version.

So if you want a little bit more information about sildenafil before you go and pull the trigger on filling a prescription of this generic Viagra, hopefully you’ll find that the data below to give you all of the answers that you’ve been searching for!

Ready to jump right in?

A modern miracle of science and medicine
First introduced to the world in 1998, Pfizer had a breakaway success with Viagra almost from the moment that it was approved for use by the general public.
This tiny little blue pill became a multibillion-dollar product almost overnight, and spawned a number of generic Viagra options like sildenafil that leverage the identical formulation behind that amazing solution.

The wonderful thing about sildenafil is that it is proven to provide men with the ability to “rise to the occasion” whenever the mood strikes, but only when the mood strikes. This is thanks to a unique formulation of chemical ingredients and some very serious testing and experimentation, a combination that has led to sildenafil and other generic Viagra options.

Amazingly enough, sildenafil works to take advantage of your body’s own biochemistry to help you enjoy rock hard erections almost at a moment’s notice whenever the mood strikes.

By understanding the anatomy and physiology of the penis, as well as the hormonal and biochemical releases that cause an erection in the first place, the people behind sildenafil have been able to create a prescription only option that will flood your body with exactly the necessary ingredients you need to get an erection – while at the same time limiting the side effects that you may have to contend with.

Is sildenafil safe?
aurochem-viagra-review2This is a very valid question, and one that you are going to want to thoroughly research before you decide to use this generic Viagra alternative.
Like most other prescription solutions out there, there are a lot of big benefits to taking advantage of sildenafil – but there are also some side effects that you need to know about.

Most of the time, these side effects are pretty mundane and mostly innocuous (things like a bit of dizziness or lightheadedness), but there are also the chances that your blood pressure will drop to unhealthy or unsafe levels or a number of other conditions that could put you in a bit of a sticky situation.
This is why you should only use sildenafil (or any other generic Viagra or erectile dysfunction solution) under the express direction of a trusted and highly trained medical professional. This is not the kind of thing that you can mess around with, and it’s definitely not the kind of prescription solution that you should be leaning on unless you know that it is safe to do so.

You’ll also want to make sure that you are investing in high quality products that are 100% legitimate. Make sure that you know who is responsible for supplying your sildenafil when it comes time to purchase it! In the UK that’s simple. You just have to check the green pharmacy logo on the site page that links to the pharmacy regulator. You can get more information about how to buy Viagra from a licensed UK pharmacy.