The Five Most Common Triggers of Erectile Dysfunction

bigstock-Young-sad-man-sitting-on-bed--26001227 Erectile dysfunction of one kind or another is a very common condition among men all over the world. As many as five percent of men aged 40 and up to 25 percent of men over 60 report long-term bouts of erectile dysfunction that require medications like sildenafil, psychotherapy, or both.

Not all erectile dysfunction is the same. At one time in their life or another, almost every man will not be able to perform sexually when they want to, a condition referred to as situational erectile dysfunction. Experts caution worried men that the biological processes necessary to get and maintain an erection is very complicated, and if any aspect of it is disrupted, it can’t happen. Since the arousal that is required to get an erection is partly mental as well as physical, the reasons for an inability to perform sexually on cue can be extremely difficult to nail down. While otherwise healthy men can rely on wonder drugs like sildenafil, the active ingredient in both Viagra and generic Viagra, it’s important to understand the other factors that lead to bouts of erectile dysfunction so you can avoid them in the future if possible. Here are five of the most common situational erectile dysfunction triggers:

• A boozy night out – Increasing the amount of alcohol you imbibe decreases your sexual performance. As men get older, the effect is amplified, and if you often spend the night out on the town, you might find yourself unable to perform sexually later. Since alcohol has a tendency to relax people and banish inhibitions, this can lead to randy attempts at the end of a long night that don’t work out. As in all things, a little alcohol goes a long way if you want to avoid erectile dysfunction.
• Having a baby – It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to conceive a baby, or if you’ve just had one. Babymaking is different than just making love. If you and your partner are trying to conceive, attempts are often made based on a calendar that tracks fertility, which is not a recipe for romance. Both you and your partner can begin to see attempts at conception as a chore, and that can lead to erectile dysfunction, even if you have the benefit of a prescription for Viagra or generic Viagra.
• Under Pressure – If you’re suffering from stress outside the bedroom, it can still find its way in there. Situational erectile dysfunction is often caused by stress, and even chemical help from sildenafil isn’t designed to help you relax.
• The never-ending workweek – Since we’re constantly connected via electronic devices, work has a tendency to continue forever without a real break, even during vacations. If you’re constantly on edge about your job, it’s easy to have trouble concentrating on sexual pleasure, and that can lead to erectile dysfunction. High-powered decisions have a tendency to produce adrenaline in the body, which is a real erection killer. For your own sake, and the sake of your partner, turn off the phone once and a while and relax.
• A new love – A new sex partner can have a stimulating effect on a man’s libido, but if you’re nervous about performance with a woman you’re not entirely comfortable with yet, it can lead to erectile dysfunction. This situation is common among younger men, and many doctors will prescribe a dose of sildenafil in order to put a man at ease about their ability to answer the bell with a new partner.

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